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Rosemarie Armstrong, Fine Artist

Rosemarie is an accomplished artist who works with oil paints on canvas. Her family resides in a century farmhouse in Amaranth, Ontario. Their property is blessed with water features, mixed forests, rolling land and old stone foundations transformed into organic gardens. The home lends itself perfectly to two functional spaces for work and personal use. Her art studio is located on the upper level; a gallery and custom framing shop on the main level. This is where Rosemarie conducts business and welcomes clients by appointment.

the art of Rosemarie Armstrong the art of Rosemarie Armstrong the art of Rosemarie Armstrong
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An Intense Passion
for the Natural World...

She is drawn to nature in the raw. Windswept landscapes, abandoned rural structures, rustic pastoral settings. Sensual seascapes, rugged coastlines and the ever changing sky. Weather creates every imaginable colour and hue, a pending storm juxtaposed against a tranquil landscape as yet uninterrupted by mankind's progress.

Each work conveys Rosemarie's intense passion for the natural world. Adept use of colour, carefully constructed compositions, and a layering approach, lead to magical quality and depth in her paintings. She is strongly influenced by great masters such as J.W.M. Turner, Ilya Repin, Winslow Homer and Thomas Moran.

Rosemarie's artistic journey began in early childhood, influenced by both parents. Her mother, Helga Krehan-Schuetz was a talented oil painter born in Czechslovakia. She was trained as an artist and fabric designer at Fabrik in Oberkotzau, Germany; Helga emigrated to Canada in 1953. It was a lifelong exposure to her mother`s creative process that set the foundation for Rosemarie`s own artistic journey. As a teen, Rosemarie loved to illustrate people and wildlife. Recognizing her daughter’s talent, Helga signed Rosemarie up as a member of the Orangeville Art Group at age fifteen. An OAG annual show was where Rosemarie made her first art sale.

Rosemarie`s father Hermann Schuetz, emigrated from Switzerland in the early 1950's and his skills as a house painter led to the start of his own decorating business. Rosemarie was intrigued by the process of making and using colour; as soon as she was old enough, she joined her father and brother on job sites. After opening a Colour Your World store Hermann expanded to add an art supply and framing shop where Rosemarie apprenticed as a custom picture framer, leaving high school at seventeen to manage this part of the business.

Eventually she decided to pursue her education, high school with Honours and post secondary studies in English, Psychology, Roman and Greek Classics and Law, at the University of Waterloo. She went on to acquire an Ontario Teaching Certificate and taught Arts and Drama curriculum to senior elementary students. In 1992, a life altering event took place one day when Rosemarie was exhibiting her paintings in Kitchener Ontario. She met a soft spoken man who had been watching quietly as she worked and demonstrated. Mr. Zeng was a ‘Living Master Painter’ who had recently emigrated from China; he invited her to study painting with him. A lifelong mentorship and friendship resulted.

During the late 1990’s Rosemarie was encouraged by her Board of Education to join an excursion which would take her from Vancouver to Ketchikan, Alaska. Her task was to learn about west coast art and culture from an informed group of experts including Cecil Paul, Robert Bateman, Robert Davidson and David Suzuki. She spent two years writing and illustrating a new curriculum based on art and culture of the west coast.

the art of Rosemarie Armstrong the art of Rosemarie Armstrong the art of Rosemarie Armstrong the art of Rosemarie Armstrong the art of Rosemarie Armstrong the art of Rosemarie Armstrong the art of Rosemarie Armstrong the art of Rosemarie Armstrong the art of Rosemarie Armstrong the art of Rosemarie Armstrong
Also during the 1990's, Mr. Zeng relocated his family to Vancouver, British Columbia and shortly thereafter Rosemarie’s best friend Eleanor Bahr moved to Vancouver Island. As a result, Rosemarie continues to be drawn to the west coast every year to hike, photograph and sketch remote locations, and study with her mentor. When on Vancouver Island, she lives with Eleanor’s family as her ‘home away from home’, and Eleanor has a large collection of her paintings!

Rosemarie has traveled through many European countries. A large network of relatives has provided many places to call home base. Adventures in the mountains, exploring tiny villages and absorbing a range of physical geography ... she also studied centuries' worth of art exhibited in cathedrals, museums and public buildings. Exposure to these great works has had a subtle but strong influence on her own style.

In 2006, Rosemarie retired from her position as an administrator of schools. The `farmhouse` underwent another period of construction, transforming into two floors of art gallery with an open concept studio space where Rosemarie could paint, instruct and educate emerging artists. Rosemarie became a prolific painter, favouring oil paints on canvas. She joined local and regional art groups, facilitated forums and workshops, taught art lessons and volunteered as a Board member of a local arts organization, while co-curating two public galleries.

In August of 2011, Rosemarie lived in the tiny community of Los Tolas Ecuador, high in the cloud forest of the Andes, surrounded by active volcanoes. While living the life of an Ecuadorian, her goal was to help develop a sustainable local economy through the sale of art. During the daytime she laboured on the mountain sides, while evenings were dedicated to art instruction. This project included sourcing materials such as wood to build stretcher frames, and fabrics which could be primed with leftover house paint for use as canvas.

She appreciates how these diverse experiences have shaped her artistic practice and realizes the importance of change and growth. She will continue to build on her foundational skills and talents as she absorbs each new adventure.

Rosemarie's paintings have been purchased by over fifty private and corporate collectors in Canada, and by international clients.
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